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Thank you for your interest in Hex Workshop v6.8. Highlights of the latest Hex Workshop releases are included below.

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Customers under a maintenance agreement may upgrade to the latest version of Hex Workshop for no charge. Your existing registration key will unlock Hex Workshop v6.8.

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Hex Workshop v6.8: Embedded Structure Editing

Hex Workshop v6.8 features integrated structure, color map, and expression calculator editors with syntax coloring. The structure editor includes in-line error messages to aid in debugging structure definitions. Additional usability and font/layout sizing changes are included.

Enlarge Structure Viewer screen shot
Enlarge Expression Calculator screen shot
Enlarge Structure Editor showing error screen shot
Enlarge Colormap Editor screen shot
Enlarge Structure Editor screen shot

Hex Workshop v6.7: Expanded Encoding and Character Set Support

Hex Workshop support for character encoding and character sets was expanded across the application to include UTF-8, Unicode, and code page specific ANSI strings.

  • Users may now select the code page for rendering ANSI string using Character Maps. Hex Workshop ships with pre-configured support for the standard OEM and ANSI code pages, along with EBCDIC and Mac. Additionally, users can add support for more pages by creating new character maps.
  • The Hex Workshop structure definition language now supports pragma to specify the code pages and new keywords to designate between ANSI, UTF-8, and Unicode characters and strings.
  • The Hex Workshop find/replace features are now character set and encoding aware.
  • Users can now specify the character encoding and character set for individual bookmark elements.
  • The text export facilities now support BOM markers for UTF8/Unicode along with a character set designation for ANSI text.
Enlarge Find by ANSI string screen shot
Enlarge text export preferences screen shot
Enlarge character map drop down screen shot
Enlarge structure definition example
Enlarge add string bookmark screen shot
Enlarge character filter editor screen shot


Hex Workshop v6.7: Other Enhancements


Hex Workshop v6.6: Wildcard Hex Searching

Hex Workshop now supports wildcard hex searching down to a 4-bit nibble. For example, the search string "FF?D" would match on 0xFF0D, 0xFF1D, 0xFF2D, ..., 0xFFFD. Wildcard searching is supported both in interactive search and Find All Instances.

Hex Workshop v6.6: Searching within Ranges

Users can now specify a range when searching a document. Range options include searching: the entire document, a selected region, or a specific offset and range.

Hex Workshop v6.6: Find Results Versatility

The Find Results Window now supports multiple selections. Users can select multiple findings for removal, highlighting, bulk bookmarking, and bulk structure application. Additionally, users can now copy the address or value from the Find Results Window.


Applying Structure

Click to enlarge

Hex Workshop v6.6: Enhanced Export Capabilities

Bookmark results, structures listings, find results, comparison results, data inspector values, and checksum results are now exportable to tabbed text, CSV, HTML, XML or RTF by right clicking on the window and selecting "Export Contents" from the popup context menu.

Additionally, character distribution export capabalities were expanded to support XML, HTML, and RTF in addition to CSV and tabbed text.

Hex Workshop v6.6: Bug Fixes

Hex Workshop v6.6 includes the following bug fixes:

Hex Workshop v6.5: Native 32 or 64 bit Software

Hex Workshop is now fully 64-bit compatible. The installer will automatically install either a 32-bit or 64-bit application based on the target operating system.

Hex Workshop v6.5: Expression Calculator

An Expression Calculator was added to Hex Workshop that allows users to enter C/C++ style complex expressions including logical, bitwise, and arithmetic operations. Users can also read and modify data.

Hex Workshop v6.5: Data Visualizer

A new Data Visualizer feature allows users to view documents rendered as an image with custom palettes. The Data Visualizer helps users identify patterns within their data.

By selecting or creating different color palettes users can quickly identify text sequences within binary data, patterns and repeating data, tables, and even palette-based images.

In the left example, green ascii text is easily identified. One can also easily differentiate between UTF-8 and UTF-16.

Hex Workshop v6.5: Structure Viewer Enhancements

Structure Viewer
Click to enlarge

The Hex Workshop structure viewer includes many enhancements:

All Changes

Please review Hex Workshop's version history for a detailed list of all changes.